"Roaming In Thought"

Thursday, September 6, 2007

iPod Touch Can Run All Apple and Third-Parties' iPhone Apps

You may be asking yourself where are Mail, Weather, Google Maps or Stocks in the new iPod touch. The answer: they are coming, but probably not from Apple. The iPod runs Mac OS X like the iPhone does run exactly the same applications. The exact quote: "they use the same damn binaries."
For some unknown reason, Apple decided not to include Mail, Weather and Stocks in the iPod touch, perhaps trying to separate both devices. Looking at the application mix, the iPod touch seems more entertainment-oriented while the Jesus Phone extends itself into the communication hub/personal productivity area.
This is an artificial differentiation, however. Both gadgets use exactly the same core operating system and programming frameworks. The only differentiating aspects are in some of the user interface elements.