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Friday, October 12, 2007

CellSerf Launches Next Generation Multimedia IM, Email and Messaging Application for Mobile Phones

CellSerf ( www.cellserf.com) today launched its mobile application for Multimedia Instant Messaging, Global Multimedia Mobile Messaging and Multimedia Email that allows users to go beyond the traditional style of communicating in Text. The application and service is free to use which means with CellSerf application on the phone, users can exchange Multimedia (MMS) and Text messages for free.

The Instant Messaging service of CellSerf enables users to connect to their Yahoo (http://messenger.yahoo.com), MSN (http://get.live.com) and Google Talk (http://www.google.com/talk) accounts together. There are several IM applications for mobile, however the unique feature of CellSerf IM is 'Multimedia Instant Messaging'. Mobile users can send Voice, Picture and Video instant messages to their friends on Yahoo, MSN and Google Talk. The features not only add convenience to mobile users who find typing messages difficult and slow, but also enable users to share their world more creatively with their friends and family. The interesting part of CellSerf IM is that it does not require VoIP or 3G network to send Multimedia IM from mobile. The application uses innovative technology to communicate multimedia content over 2.5G network. As India is still in the planning phase for the deployment of 3G, CellSerf IM can offer a big difference to the Indian mobile community.

Similarly, the CellSerf mobile Messaging and Email allows users to send Video, Picture, Voice and Text messages as SMS and emails to their friends on mobile and desktop respectively. Video and Voice email service is very popular in developed mobile markets such as Europe, Japan and China. CellSerf is pleased to launch this service in the Indian market. On signing up with CellSerf, users get a mobile email ID that is based on their phone number. For example, a user with mobile number +919810780061 in India gets the mobile email ID 919810780061@cellserf.com . The mobile email ID is very useful for friends on computer to send emails that are received instantly on the mobile and which can be replied to. The mobile messaging and email services are also free to use.