"Roaming In Thought"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Windows Live Messenger Virus - Malware

Windows Live Messenger has many times fallen prey to some malicious softwares like spyware and trojan. These happen when computer hackers transfer a virus infected file to our system or by sending a virus infected message which contains the malicious code. The windows live messenger are very often attacked by viruses or worms with names like W32.Yalove or MsnFake and this always destroys the MSN Messenger network.

Now, the Instant Messenger Security Center, a collaboration between security companies and corporations, has tracked attacks over 1900 IM individual attacks since 2004. A lot of security measures have been implied over the Messengers in their latest versions to avoid infection. Alternatively, Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner, which is a free online virus scanner from Microsoft, is a well-integrated virus scanner for use with Windows Live Messenger.

In short we can conclude that the threat levels have gone very low compared to the previous years, but - "THE THREAT STILL REMAINS".

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