"Roaming In Thought"

Friday, June 6, 2008

Internets Big Fight

Every major player in technology wants to create the next great platform, of course. What's new here is that it's possible for any number of them to succeed. The Internet is a much larger playing field than PC operating systems. Who will win the rally is impossible to answer.

Apple, Google and Facebook are 3 innovative companies of the silicon valley representing the fundamental phase of information epoch by their current entry into the social networking domain.

Google advocates open web standards where as Facebook with 70 million users have a different approach. They offer more controlled experience and keeps its users safe within its walls. Apple is entirely different from both - they concentrate on their hardware section. They do have a web services like iTunes music store. Apple comes from the old world. Its elegant products cocoon customers from the chaos of the information age, but the Apple experience tends to be highly controlled, with Apple hardware at the end points and Apple software and services, like the iTunes Music Store, in between.

All the players are in for making Big money. With all these one can conclude that the future of Internet is at stake.